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CaPantzzi works hard to emulate a living ecosystem by pulling different pieces of sports apparel and accessories together, and forming them into a variety of lines consisting of matching single tones. 

In our sporty and stylish Accessory line, CaPantzzi designs and produces everything from hats, caps, and visors to jewelry, neckties, scarves, handbags, and wristbands with zippered pockets---all in single tones appropriate for golfing and any social occasion.  

You will never need to scramble to find the right colors for your outfit again. Be Your own stylist, with CaPantzzi!

 1.    The Handbags Save Our Space, Time & Resources

If color coordination is the bottom line of fashion style, it is very hard to apply the rule to handbag designs. We must have many purses or handbags to coordinate with the colors in our wardrobe. We need additional and suitable storage space to accommodate all of the coordinating bags and garments.

Those following the coordination rule will likely purchase handbags that may only be used a few times. This practice can be expensive, and is also contrary to the current trends in reducing waste worldwide as an environmental concern. For example, another problem with follow the rule is that more animals will need to be destroyed when bags are made from genuine leather; or, more pollution will be created when bags are made from manmade materials.

Even if we have enough wardrobe space to storage our handbags, to switch handbags frequently also have to remove the contents from one bag and transfer to another, which may be time-consuming or an annoyance.


The patent pending CaPantzzi Interchangeable Soft Lambskin Tote Bag and Interchangeable Soft Lambskin Satchel Bag use interchangeable components to make the color coordination possible for handbags. All you need is one neutral color of the base-bags then selecting any color of the Interchangeable Leather Handles for Tote Bag or Interchangeable Leather Handles and Straps for Satchel Bag to coordinate with the style or color worn by you.


One bag, myriad, possesses possibilities to save our space, to save our time, to save our expense, and to save our resources.

CaPantzzi wants to make history in fashion world and commits to make this world a better place. And CaPantzzi wants you to be a part of this revolution.

 2.    A Fashionable Wristband with Amazingly Practical Functions

A wristband is also known as a sweatband. It is usually used to wipe sweat during sports, or as a badge or fashion statement as according to Athletes also wear wristbands to protect and to support their wrists in movements.


CaPantzzi’s Embroidered Wristband with Key Pocket has not only the traditional functions, but also with a multifunctional zip pocket. Do you have too many things to carry on your way to gym or enter a subway station? Just put your ID card or subway card into the zip pocket and slide through the check-in machines.

No complaining anymore about your pocket-less skirt or skort, just slide your key or cash into your zip pocket and you are on your way to the running track or the shopping center.

The best of all, CaPantzzi’s Embroidered Wristband with Key Pocket has been systematic designed so that  the color matches the exact color of CaPantzzi’s other products---pants, shorts, capris, skirts, hats, scarves, handbags, neckties, jewelry, belts and even scrunchies.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, so let CaPantzzi color your life. Sporty and stylish.

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