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Color In Sportswear
Color, color, color—it is a powerful, essential part of any fashion statement. Color is the first thing that people notice. When we choose colors, we are choosing how we want others to perceive us in both our personal and professional lives.



The colors we wear will help us stand out from the crowd, and make people pay attention even when we are three hundred yards from green; they help us make a lasting impression on our friends, coworkers, and even strangers. They define our personal style.

 Colors draw the eyes and effect how we feel. In art, color is used to convey emotion, to set the mood, and to tell a story. Throughout history, color has been of great cultural significance and at times has defined entire civilizations.

 Brightly colored pants have been very hot since Fall 2011. They have added a different dimension to the old-school neutral palette of black, white and gray. At CaPantzzi, we design and produce shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and a whole range of accessories in a wide array of colors. CaPantzzi designs come in all types of styles, from slim-fit and classic-fit, appropriate from the office to the golf course.

CaPantzzi’s designs are produced in limited runs for those who are truly passionate about their style and image.

Color Coordination

Color coordination is an extremely important factor when it comes to dressing stylishly. There are several important factors to consider when coordinating the colors in your apparel, but it isn't rocket science. More

The Meaning of Colors

For centuries, artists, designers, scientists, and philosophers have debated just how much power colors have. Colors have the power to make an enduring statement and make an individual stand out. Vibrant tones pop with life and energy, while darker shades pervade a sense of sophistication and refinement. Each color is imbued with its own significance and inspires its own emotions in the viewer. More

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