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Pique Silk Necktie

Pique texture for instant character ∙ 100% fine silk ∙ Match the colors of your outfits

click photos for details & colors

Bright White Prism Pink
Azelea Pink

(from Women's collection)


 Orange  Yellow Green   Blue

 Purple  Black    




The pique texture of CaPantzzi’s Silk Neckties shows an instant character.

As a leading sports apparel company for men’s and women’s monochromatic outfits, CaPantzzi works hard to emulate a living ecosystem by pulling different pieces of sports apparel and accessories together, and forming them into a variety of lines consisting of matching single tones.

CaPantzzi designs and produces everything from pants, shorts, capris, skirts, hats, caps, and visors to jewelry, neckties, scarves, handbags, and wristbands with zippered pockets---all in several lines of single toned, eye-catching collections appropriate for all social occasions.

The CaPantzzi Neckties colors match the exact colors of other CaPantzzi products---all in one place.

You will never need to scramble to find the right colors for your outfit again. Be your own stylist, with CaPantzzi!


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